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1meds Privacy and Refund Policy

In being of sound and disposing mind, I hereby acknowledge and accept that:

Protecting Your Privacy

In order to use the 1meds service there are areas on our site where you must
provide personal information about yourself. We have therefore developed the
following Privacy Policy to inform you of our policy and practices regarding
such information. We will take all reasonable steps to act in accordance
with this policy in respect of your information.

**When you order products we will collect only the information necessary for
the delivery and billing of the purchase.
** 1meds will routinely give visitors the opportunity to provide addition
information to assist in the development of a better service. If you supply
additional feedback it will not be linked or associated with the personal
information you have provided in placing an order.
** We will never ask you to provide confidential payment information by
e-mail or phone.
** We will treat any information you provide to us as strictly confidential.
We will not share, disclose, sell, rent or pass your personal information
outside of our organization, employed contractors, government regulators and
law enforcement, with the exception of health care professionals such as a
pharmacist, technician or physician that is necessary to safely fill your
prescription. 1meds will not sell your personal information to any
organization for marketing purposes.
**  1meds may from time to time email you updates about news on new
products, or sales, prices or promotions that we are offering from our 1meds
Pharmacy. This type of information will be provided to you for your benefit,
to enhance your shopping experience with us.
** Whenever a page is requested by visitors to the 1meds site the company
hosting the site records the time, date and Internet Protocol (IP) address
of the request along with information on the browser software being used.
This information is used to improve the hosting company’s technical
infrastructure and performance and is not in any way used to specifically
identify you.
** The 1meds server also uses cookies – pieces of information that a website
can transfer to an individuals computer. Cookies can make the 1meds site
easier to use by storing information about your preferences relating to your
use of the site. The use of cookies is common on the Internet and you will
find that most major websites use them. Internet browser software is usually
preset to use cookies but you can adjust your browser to refuse them if you
wish. However you may find that this reduces the functionality of this site.
** 1meds does not condone "spamming". Spamming is defined as sending
unsolicited e-mails, usually of a commercial nature, in large numbers and
repeatedly to individuals with whom the sender has had no previous contact
or who have declined to receive such communications. 1meds will not send any
unsolicited emails to our clients. 1meds do not sell or distribute our
customer list to third parties. You should be aware, however, that
unscrupulous marketers can sometimes "harvest" your e-mail address directly
from your computer or another person"s address book or even obtain your
e-mail address through programs that automatically search web pages and
e-mail traffic for e-mail addresses. If you receive an unsolicited e-mail
that you believe is connected with 1meds in any way, please contact us and
we will investigate.
** 1meds does not sell products for purchase by children. If you are under
18, you may use our Web site only with the involvement of a parent or



  1. All sales are final.
  2. All refunds are at the discretion of management, specifically I agree that NO refunds will be given in any of the following circumstances:
    • If my order has already been shipped by 1meds.com.
    • If my order has already been approved by 1meds.com.
    • If I provided an incorrect address to 1meds.com, and 1meds.com has shipped my order to this wrong address.


  1. I am aware that I am not permitted to return medicines to 1meds.com for exchange or a refund.


  1. I am aware that chargebacks are not welcome, and that all disputes can normally be resolved by contacting the management of 1meds.com.
  2. I agree that in the event a chargeback is raised by me in connection with my order that I may be forbidden from reordering from 1meds.com and any and all affiliated sites.
  3. I agree that it is my responsibility to maintain a working email address for all communications with 1meds.com, this especially applies to 'free' email addresses such as those from Yahoo!, & Hotmail.
  4. I agree that 1meds.com is not responsible for any failure of mine to receive emails in connection with my order due to my non working email address, and that specifically this failure is not valid grounds for raising a chargeback.
  5. I agree that in the event that I raise a chargeback in connection with my order, that:
    • 1meds.com will, if fraud is suspected, report the case to the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center, together with anti-fraud associations, and/or other third parties at it's discretion.
    • 1meds.com may instigate civil action against me to recover the principal amount, and any and all additional costs and fees, including legal fees.

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